Season's Greetings

We all have been pretty busy with our day jobs and the holiday craziness, but we have begun working on some new material. A cassette of Cyclic is currently in the works, and we hope to have a limited release sometime early next year. There may also be a release of Cyclic on vinyl via Kickstarter along with stickers, buttons, tees, etc. So be on the look out soon.

Earlier this month Metal Buzz posted a very nice review of Cyclic, and recently we found out that we made their Top 10 EP’s of 2012, coming in at #3. We want to give a big thanks to Metal Buzz and to everyone else who has supported us and checked out our stuff. 2012 was great, and you can expect some new things from us in 2013 for sure. Maybe we'll finally get a full length out...

Just a reminder, Cyclic is still available for free download/stream via Bandcamp, and it is also streaming on SoundCloud.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Metal Buzz Review Of Cyclic

Thanks to Metal Buzz for the nice review of Cyclic they just posted today. Check it out here or click the image above. If you have not been to Metal Buzz before, check out some of their other quality album reviews and artist interviews too. They want to do a Q&A interview with us here soon, so be on the look out for that!

Cyclic: Out Now


Today is the debut release of our 5-track EP, Cyclic. The album is streaming and available for digital download via Bandcamp. The download comes with a pdf booklet of the artwork. We may have CDs of Cyclic made and possibly a limited release of it on cassette and vinyl in the near future. Thanks to everyone for their support! We hope you enjoy.

Cyclic: Available 10.30.12

We are happy to announce that our debut EP, titled Cyclic, will be released next week on Tuesday (10/30/12) via Bandcamp.

The Home Stretch

Well, we have finally completed recording the EP. Next step is to the Mastering House. Hopefully we can get a firm release date within the next couple of weeks. For those that have been waiting patiently, thanks for the continued support. We all work full time jobs during the week (the person responsible for the recording travels out of town almost every week for work) and have funded every aspect of this album ourselves. We are all extremely happy and proud of what we have written and cannot wait to share it. We feel that this has been worth the wait. It has exceeded all of our expectations. Love for music and art has been our constant drive from day one. We have been working on Adirondac since 2009. Most would have abandoned the idea long ago, but this has woven itself into our lives and has become a concrete endeavor that we all share.

In the meantime, there is one last Teaser Video to share with you. Enjoy and thank you!

EP Track Teaser #1

A work in progress from our latest track. We are getting closer to the completion of our debut EP. Stay tuned.

Back Scratching

When I was in high school, one of the most important aspects of being in a band was backing your friends bands. Going to their shows, working on shows together, buying whatever they sold and telling everyone about them. Sometimes it feels like that camaraderie in music has been lost, but we are still a firm believer in this philosophy. So, with that in mind, I would like to share a band that was nice enough to share "Coriolis" on their Facebook page. Of course, it helps that they write really good music! Check it oot!

Movin' Along


Getting the next song in order. This one has been a work in progress for over a year now. It's been contemplated, tweaked, and put on hold several times for other tracks. The focus now is on completion. The song is currently known as "Run," but this has just been its working title. We hope to have a snippet to post sometime soon.


Originally written 2 years ago, we took this song and completely rewrote it. This marks the first "official" single off of our upcoming release (late spring/early summer 2012). Stay tuned!