The Home Stretch

Well, we have finally completed recording the EP. Next step is to the Mastering House. Hopefully we can get a firm release date within the next couple of weeks. For those that have been waiting patiently, thanks for the continued support. We all work full time jobs during the week (the person responsible for the recording travels out of town almost every week for work) and have funded every aspect of this album ourselves. We are all extremely happy and proud of what we have written and cannot wait to share it. We feel that this has been worth the wait. It has exceeded all of our expectations. Love for music and art has been our constant drive from day one. We have been working on Adirondac since 2009. Most would have abandoned the idea long ago, but this has woven itself into our lives and has become a concrete endeavor that we all share.

In the meantime, there is one last Teaser Video to share with you. Enjoy and thank you!